James 1:5-12. 

We’ve Spent 5 Days,

  • LOOKING at James 1:5-12, 8 verses, to correctly see what God says.
  • Learning how to use the App.
  • Becoming familiar with some of the different skills to help us correctly see what God says.

Today, we want to Wrap it up!  

  • Review all we have LEARNED.
  • LIVE it out! Apply it to our lives.

 Open your App to the Book of James.

Do you remember why James wrote this letter?

  • To command believers, those of the faith, to be doers of the Word of God, not just hearers,
  • Explaining that faith without works is dead, useless, because it cannot save you.
  • Thus, hoping to turn a sinner from the error of his ways so his soul will be saved from death.

Oh Lord, as we come to Your Word today to bring everything together, please help us to hear what You are saying.  Grant us understanding and help us walk away in such a way that we will live in the light of these mighty Truths. Thank you!

We LOOKED at James 1:5-12

We continue to become acquainted with certain skills, putting them to practice as we go directly to the Word of God to see what God has to say about our need for His wisdom to persevere under our trials.

Before we dig in, have you noticed how many times you read verses 5-12 this week? What did that reading over and over do?

I can’t stress enough that reading God’s Word over and over is invaluable. Repetition is the most vital element in learning. So we will do a ton of repeating and reviewing to help you LEARN, and remember.

Okay, let’s take all that God has taught us and connect the dots to bring it all together.

To refresh your mind and put everything into CONTEXT what will you do?



Read James 1:1-12, once again, with a questioning mindset.


We see CONTEXT thus far is that:

  • We know our trials come from God to test, prove our faith.
  • We know true faith will persevere to the end.
  • We are to consider it all joy.
  • We know the trial brings endurance.
  • We are to let God work and make us perfect.

Keep in mind James’ purpose in writing this letter.

We know his emphasis is on a faith that does the Word, vs. a faith that is dead and useless.

Open the Deeper Discovery

First let’s view the #4 LEARN question.

4. When we are going through God ordained trials, what do we need and what are we to do? What happens to those who persevere under trial? (v5-12)

We have LEARNED and understand:

In our trials in order to consider it all joy, endure, let God work, and respond in the right manner, we need wisdom.

  • God is the source of wisdom.
  • We are commanded to ask God in faith for wisdom.
  • God will give wisdom generously and without reproach.

We see: There is no wisdom, that is needed for a believer’s perseverance through a trial, that is ever withheld from a believer who asks.

  • We are not to doubt God’s power or His purpose and will.
  • If we are habitual doubters, double-minded, wavering between 2 opinions, we can expect to receive nothing from the Lord.

Let’s view the #4 LIVE question.

DO NOT skip this! It will all have been a waste of time if you don’t hear and respond to God.


When facing a trial, who do I run to?

a. Do I obey the command, to ask God for wisdom believing I will receive what I need for the trial? How does that wisdom come?

b. What am I willing to do if I am a habitual doubter, double-minded, and unstable?

LIVE it out…Respond to God!

We have LEARNED and understand:

Whether rich or poor:

  • Our trials humble us.
  • We glory (rejoice) in our position, in Christ.
  • Trials bring us to the same level of equality.


c. Whether rich or poor do I glory in my high position, being in Christ? How am I being humbled in my trial?

LIVE it out…Respond to God!

We have LEARNED and understand:

There is a blessedness and a crown of life for us if we persevere under our trials, proving our faith.


d. How will I persevere through my trials to receive the crown of life? 

LIVE it out…Respond to God!

Awesome! Are you beginning to see that being a doer of the Word is one who endures through trials? Keep connecting James’ divine message with all that he is saying.

Again I want to emphasize that nobody told you what the text says or means. Nobody told you what to believe or think.  You didn’t guess or come up with speculations to answer the questions. You LOOKED at what God said, discovering what He means. You Discovered Truth for Yourself! And hopefully you are beginning to experience God as you LISTEN to Him speak to you personally.

That is a wrap!

Meditate on all that God is showing you.

  • What have you learned about yourself?
  • Is there some action God is requiring of you?
  • Do you need to confess and repent?


Record this Review in Your Notes.

Let’s pray. OH FATHER GOD, we thank you for our trials.  We thank you that we can consider it all joy, knowing You are bringing about endurance.  Help us to trust You letting You do Your work in our lives making us perfect, like Christ. Heavenly Father, teach us to come to You and ask for wisdom believing You will grant it to us generously.  May we never doubt or waiver.  And may we rely upon You and not any human resources. Oh Gracious Heavenly Father may we remember that You will not give us any more than we can handle, and with the trial You will always provide a way of escape.  Father, may all these mighty truths sink down deep into our hearts and minds, and may they come to our recall often.  We ask these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

Rest tomorrow and worship God! May you consider it all joy in your trials, and may the Lord enable you to persevere, knowing He is conforming you to His image.

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