How am I Being Humbled in My Trials?

Yesterday, we summed up James 1:5-8. 

Can you remember what we need when we go through trials, and what we are to do?

If you don’t remember, STOP and refresh your memory.

Today, we want to continue LOOKING at the paragraph, Ch 1:5-12, specifically v9-12.


“Who is the man who fears the Lord?  He will instruct him in the way he should choose,” (Psa 25:12).

Let’s LOOK at What God Says in James 1:9-12

When we look at these verses keep in mind the CONTEXT.

When we encounter trials we need wisdom.  We either have faith, or we doubt.

Where will you begin?


Try reading the next paragraph, v9-12, with the questioning mindset, on your own.

After you give it a try, I will help you, but try reading these verses on your own first!



Let WHO? the brother

the brother of WHAT? humble circumstances

this brother is to do WHAT? glory (boast, rejoice)

Glory in WHAT? in his high position;

(Do you wonder about his high position?)


Let WHO? the rich man

(Do you see what the brother of humble circumstances is contrasted with?)

the rich man is to do WHAT? glory

Glory in WHAT? in his humiliation,

(Do you wonder why the rich is going through humiliation?)

WHY glory in his humiliation?

because like flowering grass he will WHAT? pass away.

(What is the rich man compared to?)


v11 WHY does the flowering grass pass away?

for the sun rises with a scorching wind

and WHAT does the scorching wind do?

withers the grass;

and WHAT else does the scorching wind do?

the flower falls off

and WHAT is the result?

the beauty of its appearance is destroyed

So too WHO? the rich man

WHEN? when in the midst of WHAT? his pursuits

WHEN the rich man is in the midst of his pursuits,

WHAT will happen? he will fade away.


v12 Blessed is WHO? a man

who WHAT? perseveres under trial;

WHY blessed for persevering?

for once he has been WHAT? approved,

        (Remember trials come to prove our faith)

a man will WHAT? he will receive crown of life

the crown of life which WHO? which the Lord

the Lord has WHAT? promised

promised to WHO? those who love Him.

Let’s stop a minute.  Think about what you just read. What have you seen from just reading these verses this way?

Now scan the App for guidance to continue to LOOK at what God says?

Meditate on God who is always Key?  You might continue your list on God in your Notes.

Reflect on the rich man.

Think about what you have seen from the contrast and comparison.


What Can We Take Away?

The brother:

  • Of humble circumstances (perhaps poor; perhaps in humble circumstances because of being dispersed and/or because of his trial);
  • One’s material or social condition doesn’t matter, if in a high position with God (speaking of dignity, exalted in God’s eyes);
  • Thus, one can glory (rejoice) in his position.  Perhaps his position in Christ as a believer.

We SEE: the brother’s focus then is to be on his high position, ‘being in Christ’, not on his circumstances.


In contrast to the rich man, who is:

  • To rejoice in his humbling before the Lord, realizing he will pass away.
  • To understand as he continues in his pursuits, not God’s, he will fade way.

We SEE: A strong reminder to the rich (the wealthy) that permanence is not found in the material things of this world.

We SEE: Because of CONTEXT, this seems to be talking about one who is not a ‘brother’, who does not have faith.

Remember to LISTEN

  • Am I a brother/sister of humble circumstances?
  • Do I know how oppressive and disheartening such circumstances can be?
  • Am I rejoicing in my circumstances? Why?
  • Am I a rich man? What am I pursuing?
  • How am I being humbled?

God Uses Truth to Explain Truth

Why don’t you check out what God says in the Cross References about the rich and the poor to give you better understanding.


  • God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom.
  • The rich were oppressing the brethren, dragging them into court. (Jam 2:1-7)
  • The rich misused their riches. (Jam 5:1-6)
  • God is not against the rich, wealth can be a blessing and being poor can result from sin or negligence and laziness. (Pro 10:4)
  • But being rich can be a snare, tempting the rich to trust their riches instead of God, which then will plunge them into ruin/destruction. (Pro 11:28; 1Ti 6:9)
  • The love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, the result is a wandering from the faith. (1Ti 6:10)
  • Being rich will not profit in the day of wrath, only righteousness delivers from death. (Pro 11:4)
  • Both rich and poor believed and were saved in Jerusalem when the church began – putting them on the same level. (Act 2:44-45)
  • The rich sold their possessions and shared the proceeds with those in need, their needy brothers. (Act 4:32-35)
  • God chose the foolish and weak things and the despised people of the world so that no one can boast before Him.
  • Believers are to boast in Him, not their positions or circumstances. (1Co 1:26-31)

Let’s call it a day, and finish up these verses tomorrow.

“And I shall lift up my hands to Your commandments, Which I love; And I will meditate on Your statutes,” (Psa 119:48).

Journal Your Discovery in your Notes.

I would encourage you to put what you have LEARNED from the Definitions and Cross References not only in your Notes but also in your hardbound Bibles next to Jam 1:9-12.

Truly, if you don’t do it now, you won’t.

Let’s pray.  OH GRACIOUS FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN, may we have Your perspective no matter if we are of humble circumstances or rich. Help us all to see our spiritual poverty, that being our need of You, and a Savior, the Lord Jesus.  May You help us this day to see the difference between the permanent and the perishable. That true riches are found only in You. If materially rich, oh Father, lead us not into temptation and the snare of trusting in our riches, thus wandering from the faith. If we have wandered from the faith, oh may we turn back to You Lord. May we not be caught up in the worldly pursuits, but glory in You, and our position in You! And Father, please forgive us for boasting in anything but You! We ask these things in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.  Amen!

See you tomorrow.

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Tomorrow: we will continue to LOOK @ James 1:9-12.

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