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Great conversations start with good questions

The best of both come directly from the God who created you.

GODcha getsya going.

Thousands of questions, straight from every page of the Bible plus incredible resources to find the answers.  Family, friends, small group conversations (anywhere in the world) will never be the same.

Challenging questions, Help from His Word, Answers worth talking about.

What others are saying.

GODcha ‘conversations’ around the World.

Thailand student/teacher

“I came back to Indonesia and now to Burma and Golden Triangle to serve the Lord/teach Bible to young people.   I’m EXCITED about app, no books to carry! I love this!!  This is a good deal.  I truly feel the ground swelling with those eager to understand HIS WORD!”  They gather on their own at the 7/11, where there is wifi.

Peru Pursuing God

“The usual one-hour bible study turned into a two-hour festival of knowledge this morning…thanks to You Discover Truth.  I have already sent it out to several pastors and will be announcing it on our Facebook and donor list.”

US Family Engaging Others

“We created a Facebook page, “Families Discovering Truth” using the app. I ask questions from the app to reflect on and ponder. I facilitate and the Holy Spirit can teach!  Wow, over 500!  Easy, it’s just God’s word.”

Be a disciple!  Share GODcha with the world. It’s simple, drop a card, IMPACT a life.  Print your own.   Send to a printer.

Engage others: Give GODcha as a gift.

“You too, I urge you, rejoice in the same way and share your joy with me.” Philippians 2:18